When the Water Recedes: Salvage assistance offered by AHA!

When the Water Recedes: Archivists Provide Salvage Assistance

Members of the Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!) are available for providing advice and best practices in salvaging photos, books, documents and other priceless records that may have been damaged in the recent flooding.

Vince Lee, archivist at the University of Houston Libraries and president of AHA!, urges those seeking help with waterlogged materials to contact the organization for guidance. “AHA! would be happy to talk with anyone in a situation in which their valuable materials have been damaged by floodwaters,” Lee said.

Flood remediation of family or organizational records involves cleaning, drying and other types of treatment specific to the type of item. Many materials that have been affected can be salvaged with appropriate methods. AHA! archivists can provide specialized expertise in salvage and preservation.

Houston area flood victims seeking help with damaged records are encouraged to contact AHA! President Vince Lee. For more information on emergency salvage of flood damaged papers, visit National Archives Salvage Tips.