About — AHA By-laws


Article I: Name

This organization’s name shall be the Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!)

Article II: Membership

1. Membership is open to all those in Houston and the surrounding areas who are working or training in the archival professions or are interested in archives.

2. The organization should charge $10.00 annual dues. A dues adjustment can be passed by a 2/3rd majority of members present at a December meeting. Dues must be received with membership application. Renewal of membership must be received annually by January 31st for the member to be in good standing.

3. The organization’s fiscal year shall be the calendar year, January-December.

Article III: Meetings

1. The organization shall meet a minimum of three times a year, with at least a three-week advance notice of date and place.

2. Meetings will be held at various archival repositories on a rotating basis. The host repository may share or supplement the cost of refreshments.

3. New business may be introduced at any meeting. Elections are held every year at the December meeting.

4. The meetings are open to the general public.

Article IV: Organization

1. Officers

A. Elected officers of the organization shall be the President, Vice-President (President-elect), Secretary, and Treasurer.

B. Term of Office

1. Each officer serves a one-year term of office starting after the elections at the December meeting.

2. Should an officer other than the President be unable to complete their one-year term, a special election will be held at the next meeting to replace the officer for the duration of the term. Should the President have to leave office, the Vice-President will act as president until the end of the President’s term of office and the following year.

C. Duties

1. President coordinates the organization’s meetings; presides at all meetings and seeks members to serve on committees.

2. Vice-President assumes the presidential duties in the absence of the President; maintains the membership rolls; and notifies all members of the meetings.

3. Secretary takes minutes of all meetings of the organization and maintains a copy of the current by-laws.

4. Treasurer is custodian of all funds; receives all membership dues; and reports to the organization at meetings on the financial standing of the organization.

2. Committees

A. The President is authorized to establish special committees to work on projects.

B. Committees shall report to the membership on their progress at each meeting.

Article V: Elections

1. Elections for Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-President will be held every year at the December meeting.

2. Nominations

A. A nomination committee consisting of the acting President and at least two members of the organization will nominate members for office. Only members in good standing are eligible for nomination.

B. Nominations can be made and seconded from the floor prior to the election of each officer.

3. No person shall be elected to any office or named to any position of responsibility who is not present at the said election and who has not freely offered his or her name for the purpose.

4. Voting shall be by secret ballot when there is more than one candidate for a particular office.

5. Election shall be by a simple majority.

Article VI: Amendment of By-laws

These laws may be amended only at the December meeting by a 2/3rd vote of those members present, provided that the membership is notified of the proposed amendment(s) at least three weeks prior to the December meeting.

VII: Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of this organization, any funds or assets shall be donated to the Society of Southwest Archivists at the time of dissolution. Dissolution will be by a 2/3rd vote of those present at a special general meeting. The notification shall be at least three weeks in advance of the special general meeting.

Article VIII: Archives of the organization

Records of the organization will be maintained at the Woodson Research Center, Rice University.

Adopted August 7, 2002
Amended December 12, 2002