Archives Month October 2009

Archives Month is October 2009.

Upcoming events include:

  • October 8, 6 p.m. — AHA Dinner at Amazon Grill on Kirby South of U.S. 59.  Lots of parking and variety of food. Time to visit and talk about the things going on in the archives community.
  • October 15 AHA meeting with guest speaker Robert Schaadt. Meeting at McGovern Center courtesy of Beth White.  A light meal will be provided.
  • October 17, 10:30 a.m. to noon — Tour of Glenwood Cemetery on Washington Avenue led by Russ Pittman. Mr. Pittman has been leading cemetery tours for Glenwood for many years. He is an excellent speaker and steeped in the lore of Houston history. Lunch at Zoe’s on Washington Ave. will follow. At Mr. Pittman’s request the group is limited to 20 people, including AHA members and guests. The  tour is limited to AHA members, although each member may bring a guest.
  • October 29th Munters Munch and Learn at the University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library. Food will be provided courtesy of Munters.

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