Membership is open to all those in Houston and the surrounding areas who are working or training in the archival professions or are interested in archives.

Annual dues: $10.00

  • Dues must be received with membership application.
  • Renewal of membership must be received annually by the Spring AHA! Meeting for the member to be in good standing.

Payment methods:

  • In-person (cash, credit card, check)
  • Credit card — contact the Treasurer, read more here.
  • By Mail (check)

Application form:
AHA membership forms (PDF) may be printed, completed, and mailed with check or money order to:

Laura Ramirez
10925 Beamer Rd., Apt. 291
Houston, TX 77089

Renewing members: If your primary information has not changed, you do not need to fill out a new membership application form – simply mail in your dues. If any of your information has changed, please complete a new form and submit it with your dues. Thank you!