Front image of color postcard Join Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!). Includes our mission statement, what does membership do for you, how to join, how to get involved in AHA!, and contact information. Download and distribute to potential members.

Join AHA! Postcards and Flyers Available

Have you ever been plugging the Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!) to a new hire or graduate student and thought, “Man, I wish I had something tangible to give you with all the information you need to join the Premier Archivist Organization of Southeast Texas?” Well, look no further! AHA! now has postcards and flyers available for download.

We also have 250 postcards printed in vibrant color for area repositories to have on hand for anyone interested in becoming an AHA! member, like staff, interns, volunteers, and researchers.

Sign-up to receive your tangible postcards today (while supplies last): Signup-Distribute_Postcards


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Join AHA! Today

Archivists of the Houston Area! (AHA!) is the premiere archivists organization of Southeast Texas.

Our Mission

AHA! exists to increase contact and communication between archivists and those working with records, to provide opportunities for professional development, and to promote archival repositories and activities in the greater Houston, Texas area.

What does membership do for you? It’s an opportunity to…

  • Get involved and collaborate with 100s of other archivists in the area.
  • Attend meetings and events throughout the year, virtually and in-person.
  • Share experiences and skills.
  • Receive alerts to events, meetings, professional opportunities, and job announcements through our email list.
  • Step into a leadership role right away.
  • Count credits toward ACA recertification.

How to join AHA!

You can join AHA! In 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out Membership Application, 
  2. Pay Membership Dues, only $10 (cash, check) $11 (credit) per calendar year, 
  3. We’ll add you to the AHA! Google Group, and you can start contributing, impacting, and changing AHA! for the future right away.

Get involved in AHA!

  • Contribute by posting to the email group.
  • Join the programming committee at any time and help plan meetings and events.
  • Step into a leadership role right away; the executive board is made up of elected officers, a programming committee, and social media coordinators.
  • President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected every year.
  • Present at a meeting. Suggestions for educational programming are always welcome.