AHA Meeting & Digital Media Roundtable – March 22

Join us for the first AHA meeting of 2012 on Thursday, March 22 at 6 pm at Fondren Library, Rice University.

There will be a roundtable discussion about digital media including Woodson Research Center’s Amanda Focke and Dara Flinn, and Monica Rivero from Rice’s Digital Media Center.

Also, please mail your $10 dues to our treasurer:

Terry Brown
Treasurer, AHA!
872 Augusta Drive
Houston, TX 77057

Upcoming meetings:

Our summer meeting will be on July 12. Vindicator Publisher Carol Skewes will make a presentation on “Submitting News and Photos to the Texas Press.”  This will cover the proper ways to submit election news for publication and how to gain publicity for your archives (location TBA).

October is archives month with a dinner, meeting, and an outing and December 5 with be the date of the December Election Meeting and the famous, fabulous Christmas Party.  Terry Brown of the Houston Symphony Archives has been gracious again to offer to host this meeting.

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