San José State archives student seeks project

The Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) at San José State University (SJSU) is a new program developed to train archives and records professionals. Members of its first cohort are entering their final year in the program and are in a position to apply their skills and knowledge to an organizational consulting project— at no cost to your firm. The goal of the OCP is to provide an integrative opportunity for the student to apply at a high level the knowledge and skills developed in the MARA program. The scope of the OCP is substantive such that the client would normally pay a substantial consulting fee for the level of work.

One of the students in the first cohort, Brande Hall Gex, recently moved to Houston and is seeking a client for the OCP. Brande would like to assist a client with developing e-discovery policies and procedures, developing records management training programs, retention schedules, litigation hold policies and procedures, and/or vital records policies, but she is open to other projects proposed by the client. If you have a project you think would be suitable or if you would like to brainstorm a project, please contact Brande at She will be happy to discuss the project with you and, if requested, to provide a copy of her resume and references.

For more information about Brande or the program at SJSU, read this memo.